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Our team of specialist consultants has a track record of delivering transformative UK expansion outcomes for international companies. Entrepreneurial problem-solvers and brand builders that are focused on a single mission – delivering a UK expansion strategy that achieves dominance and growth.

Commercial proposition, route to market and channel identification. Customer acquisition strategy. Retail store network, retail buyer engagement Scaling product lines and companies.

Jason Kirk

Commercial Sales Consultant

Prominent International CPG/FMCG food, confectionery and household brands. Commercial strategy development, P&L management, retailer buyer relations, comms and e-commerce channel management.

Neil McIntosh

Marketing Consultant

Knowledge of UK culture and media landscape. Driving awareness, building and maintaining positive brand reputation for some of the world’s most famous brands.

Louise Sansom

PR Consultant

Are you considering market expansion into the UK?

Here’s what you need to know.

An expansion strategy that gives your company the best chance of success.

Despite complexities introduced by the UK’s exit from the EU, its appeal as a hub for companies seeking to establish or expand their presence in Europe remains strong. This is largely due to the UK’s advantageous position within a large affluent market, implementation of business-friendly policies, strategic geographic location, widespread use of the English language, and robust overall economic strength.

However, UK distribution channels are highly competitive and there’s the potential to come up against established brands. It’s essential to have a research-informed strategy and location-based approach. Working with an experienced commercial sales representative will leverage established relationships with channel partners which simplifies and speeds up the entry process.

Gathering insights such as market size, other players, local cultural nuances, consumer behaviours and market dynamics is vital.

Is the UK the right market?

Over the past decade, the UK market has experienced profound transformations, evolving into a sophisticated and highly developed landscape. Recognised as a frontrunner in product research and development it offers a complex, yet lucrative, environment for businesses.

If you’re considering entering the market with established products, then you must demonstrate a clear value proposition alongside a competitive edge, whether it be in terms of pricing, quality, or branding.

Reduce the risk.

Without first-hand experience, it might be difficult for your business to understand the UK well enough to know whether your product will succeed.

Companies that have not carefully planned their expansion may encounter difficulties due to lack of understanding of the target market, resulting in errors and unexpected costs associated with set up.

We can help to evaluate the viability for UK market entry. From market research to operational considerations and cultural adaptation, we provide valuable and practical guidance to implement ‘go-to-to-market’ expansion plans in order to grow in a profitable and sustainable way.


Over 30 years of experience working with global CPG/FMCG brands including Cadbury and Ferrero Group to world famous homeware brands including Le Creuset, The Cookware Company, KitchenAid, Sage and Microplane.

Collective success has navigated the complexities of entering the UK market and achieved remarkable growth.

Pure player and multi-channel ‘go-to-market’ strategy accelerated brand awareness

Marketing and comms campaign initiatives resonated with UK consumers

Sales channels delivered the highest ROI

Tactics overcame regulatory and cultural barriers

Practical, proven insights you’ll gain directly from a well-connected, highly experienced 360 team of professionals.

UK Entry – Advice & Insights

By conducting thorough analysis across these areas, businesses can gain valuable insights to inform strategic decision-making, mitigate risks, and capitalise on opportunities within the UK market.


Size, growth potential, competition, trends, consumer behaviour, entry barriers, regulatory environment and economic indicators.


Brand positioning, segmentation and targeting, product portfolio, pricing, distribution channels, promotional, brand equity, public relations, customer relationship management.


Legal framework, regulatory compliance, business licencing and permits, environmental regulations, intellectual property protection, employment regulations, contractual agreements.


Growth is a marathon, not a sprint. A minimum three-year expansion plan.

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