TV chef, Matt Tebbutt

Written by Louise Sansom

We’re not ones to brag, but after many years at the core of culture and communications for some of the world’s most exciting food, drink, home and lifestyle brands, our little black book is bursting with top names. From celebrity chefs, publishers, content creators, podcasting pros, interior designers and media personalities, to the people behind some of Britain’s most loved food and homewares brands (oh, go on then, we’ll brag a little…)

In this edition we caught up with Matt Tebbutt: chef, host, and presenter of TV’s Saturday Kitchen and Food Unwrapped. 30 seconds, start the clock.

Where did your love for food come from?

“My Nan used to cook with me, I think as a way to keep me out of trouble. Toad in the hole, that sort of thing…We used to holiday in Northern France when I was still quite young, but I can remember big bowls of steaming mussels and other strange and exciting dishes. But essentially, I think I’ve just always been a bit greedy!”

What developments in food are you excited by at the moment?

“I’m always quite excited by new technology and new kitchen toys, but with the food itself I think the most interesting development has been the ‘magpie’ style of cooking. So the fact that you can pinch ingredients or cooking methods from one region or type of cuisine and throw it into something more local or traditional, with really exciting results.”

(Psst: we’re fans of Matt’s recipe for sole goujons with Thai sauce)

What are you working on at the moment?
“Saturday Kitchen and Food Unwrapped keep me pretty busy, but I’ve set up a small cookery school and hosting kitchen that we’ll be launching soon.”

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