How collaborating with Influencers can make your brand more credible

Written by Louise Sansom

Brand credibility is like the stamp of approval that says, “You can count on me.” It means people trust your brand, and can make the difference between a consideration and a sale.

Influencers, with their huge social media following, hold sway within their area of expertise – boosting the recognition and reputation of individual brands, as well as shaping wider industry trends. Their power has an impact!

Having gained the attention and trust of their audience through their steady engaging, entertaining, and/or educational posts, influencers have the power to, well, influence. Their communication can be the key to boosting your credibility, establishing a solid reputation, and raising the trust and respect of your brand. By gaining airtime with a targeted audience in a positive, often informal, word-of-mouth way, brands can benefit.

Here are some of the ways that influencer collaborations can boost credibility:

Building Trust Through Genuine Communication
Influencers build those huge followings by talking to their audience on a human level, not in ‘brand speak.’ Active and engaged, they share highly relatable content that makes their audience say, “This is me!” or “I do this too!” – shared experiences that build a strong connection. So, when an influencer talks about why they love your brand, chances are their audience will be ready to love it too.

The Social Proof is in the Partnership
When we see someone we trust or admire recommending something, we’re more likely to trust that something too – this is known as social proof. By believing in your brand enough to want to associate their name with it, influencer collaborations instantly boost trust in it.

Expertise Breeds Authority 
Seen as experts in their niche or field of interest, influencers are viewed by their followers as someone who knows their stuff. Recommendations from them are viewed as tips from an expert on the inside, making their audience more likely to trust and believe in the brand being recommended.

Reach More People, Spark More Conversation
By partnering with influencers, you gain access to their vast audience and tap into their dedicated and engaged following. Reaching more people leads to higher engagement and sparks conversations about your brand. When the content that sparked the conversation comes from an influencer, their followers are more likely to trust and engage with the messaging.

Content by Users, for Users
Most influencer collaborations will involve them creating content around or featuring your brand. Known as user-generated content, this catchy term simply means ‘content created by real-life users,’ rather than commercially staged and released ads, for example. Seeing real people using and loving your products or services makes potential customers feel more confident in choosing you – and that’s powerful.

Full Disclosure
Influencers should always clearly communicate when they are working in collaboration with brands. Not only is it required by advertising guidelines, but the transparency and openness are part of what helps them maintain such strong trust with their followers, and makes sure that your partnership is upfront and authentic.

Not All Influencers Are Equal
It’s worth noting that not all influencers will work in the same way or have the same priorities or commitment to integrity. Make sure to work with those who align with your brand values and have a genuine connection with your audience. Building long-term relationships with influencers you trust will reap better outcomes in the long run, for both your brand and your happiness.

Partner with influencers to boost your brand credibility and reach a wider audience. Choose those who align with your values and have a genuine connection with your audience, and see your brand connections go from strength to strength.

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