Georgia Glynn Smith, food photographer and commercials director

Written by Louise Sansom

Lights, camera, mouthwatering action! The best food photography can make us instantly hungry, telling visual stories that go straight to our stomachs. Georgia Glynn Smith knows a thing or two about making us drool – the award-winning food and lifestyle photographer has shot over 90 cookbooks, working with the likes of Nigel Slater, Mary Berry and Rachel Allen.

In this edition of ‘30 Seconds With…’ where we speak to the great and the good in the world of food, drink and lifestyle media, Georgia shares her tips on how she gets the best out of her images. Just don’t ask her to shoot soggy lasagne…

30 seconds, start the clock.


Are some ingredients more difficult to shoot than others?

Without question.  Think bananas, wraps, soggy lasagne, sausages … I could go on and on.  And the ones that are pretty easy … cupcakes and colourful salads.

Do you have a go-to ‘trick’ to get the best out of an image?

I would say, “think before you shoot.” What is it you want your image to tell the viewer…? It sounds corny but it really is true. Next, draw the viewer in – which usually means something tactile that you either want to touch or taste, crumb, juice, dribble…

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve been asked to shoot? 

I live with Stefan Gates so nothing is that weird to me anymore… 🤣 I’ll have to think about this one… maybe it was the fish market in Vietnam with frogs begin skinned – good grief, that was gross…

What are you working on at the moment? 

What I did for the food world in the early 90’s (that’s blown my age in one shot) I now want to do for wine. I want to make wine the new food. I have been working with Languedoc Wines for the last two years and more recently in Greece. I have just come back from an awesome tour of Kent wine makers – I could go on and on about English Wines… truly inspiring, exciting and utterly delicious.


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