Be a leader, not a follower: 10 Tips for Social Media

Written by Louise Sansom

Like it or loathe it, the digital age is here to stay, and while analogue events and connections will always be useful, brands who ignore the virtual world risk being left behind. Social media has soared lightyears on from being a platform for sharing selfies and cat videos. It’s a powerful tool that can help fuse connections between your brand and your customers, and can launch your product into social superstardom. 

In this dynamic online world, the route to fame is pathed with ever-changing trends, algorithms, and content formats. 

Here are our tips taking social media to the next level: 

1. Hashtag Authentic

In a world of filters and fakery, people are craving authenticity. To really connect with your audience, show them who you are. Audiences are looking for meaningful content that feels genuine. That doesn’t mean every post has to be a moving speech. In fact, spontaneous, behind-the-scenes (that’s #BTS, don’t you know) posts give your followers a glimpse of your true brand personality – and they perform well in terms of engagement.  

2. And… Action!

They say the camera adds 10 pounds, and if you harness its power, you can add that straight to your revenue. Video content ranks highly on engagement, capturing people’s attention and keeping them hooked on your brand. Use short, snappy clips of eye-catching visuals to show off your products or services, and convert your followers to customers.  

3. Get Reel

Mastered the art of sharing video clips? Turn things up a notch by putting those clips together into showreels.  ‘Reels’ add depth and an extra layer of creativity to your social media storytelling. Follow the in-app steps to stitching a few short video clips together, sync them to music, and voila, we might just have the next viral sensation. Remember, practise makes progress, so give it a go!

4. Share live, ‘in the moment’ moments

Temporary, disappearing content likeStories’ requires less in the way of picture-perfect curation like the more permanent posts that live on the main grid, allowing you to share candid moments from your day-to-day business, that help to connect with your audience and give them a glimpse to the inner workings of your brand.

5. Scroll-friendly Settings

The unstoppable rise of social media has changed, well, just about everything, including the way we shop, save recipes, and share our news. Content we once flicked through in magazines and pored over on broadsheet, we now hold in the palm of our hand – so make sure your content is small-screen ready. Use vertical images and videos, keep text short and sweet, and make sure graphics are eye-catching enough to #stopthescroll.

6. Win Followers and Influence People

Influencer marketing shows no signs of slowing down, but, like just about every other area of the digital world, it’s becoming more sophisticated as audiences become more savvy. Social media users expect a genuine connection between brand and influencer, so partner with those who align with your brands values, and who have built trust and community.

7. Get Noticed with Hashtags

Hashtags can help people discover your content, but use them wisely. Avoid stuffing your posts with a high number of irrelevant hashtags and instead focus on using a few targeted ones that are specific to your industry and audience. Trending hashtags are helpful for tapping into current conversations, and reaching new audiences. 

8. A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

From captivating before-and-afters to informative tutorials and on-the-go glimpses of your day, visually engaging content is a universal language. Grab your camera, and say what you see. 

9. Snackable Content

Social media moves quickly. It’s a fast-paced world, attention spans are short, and competition is fierce. Get your message out there with bite-size videos and Hemingway-esque posts that suit the go-go-go pace of modern life. Short and sweet (or razor sharp) is the best way to cut through the noise while leaving a lasting impression. 

10. The FOMO factor
Create buzz around your brand by tapping into the fear of missing out (FOMO) appeal. Share snippets, sneak peeks and teasers of your products, upcoming events or promotions. Show them just enough to keep them wanting more… 


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